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Room 202, Building 12, Linan Logistics Park Phase I, Xinwu Economic Development Zone, 241000 Anhui, China. our team was founded in 2017 and most of the team members have more than 8 years of Internet marketing experience. In order to allow our potential customers to buy cheap and reliable products, we are working hard to promote our brand "iFJF" to more customers, and we have a 180-day quality guarantee commitment.

Our team has many years of manufacturing experience engineers, we are extremely strict quality control of products, strictly control the quality of each product, and do our best to provide customers with reliable quality products.

If you are a private label importer, we can provide you with quality products and on-time delivery. 

Phone: +86 18606665333

Email: support@ifjf.net

Working time: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00

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