68436631AA 68157291AA Fuel Filter 5083285AA Oil Filter for 2019-2020 Ram 2500-5500 6.7L Diesel Engines


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  • Fitment: Fuel Filter Elements combination and Oil Filter Replacement for 2019-2020 Ram 2500 3500 4500 5500 6.7L Diesel Engines.
  • Cross reference: Front Fuel Filter: 68157291AA, 68065608AA, 680616344AA, MO608, DF99085, WF10112, FF1279, BF46031, MO867, L6806F, 33255, DF401-AD, WF10255NP, FF1199, PF9870, FS53000, PTC GF401EX, FS43255, CS11037, 4947561. Rear Filter: 68436631AA, PF46152. Oil Filter: 5083285AA, LF16035, LF3972, 3949561.
  • Install: 68436631AA: First, remove the 68436815AA cover, then take out the old filter element inside, and finally put the new 68436631AA filter element into the 68358393AA filter assembly. 68157291AA: Use a 29mm socket with 3/8” drive to remove the canister located under your front side of the truck, then change the new filter and o-ring. 5083285AA: Use an adjustable wrench to remove and replace the oil filter where it was located on the front lower side of the copilot's side.
  • Efficient: Double-layer microfilter paper, 5 microns, captures 98% of emulsified water, sieving out water, dirt, and rust particles from the fuel, ensuring a steady flow of clean, dry diesel fuel for optimal engine performance.
  • Package includes: 1 x 68157291AA Fuel Filter, 1 x 68436631AA Fuel Filter, 1 x 5083285AA Oil Filter and necessary O-rings.

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