R12H (R12T Upgrade) Fuel Water Separator Marine Complete Combo Replaces S3240 120AT NPT ZG1/4-19 Spin-on Filter


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Buyer Benefits

Two filter elements and two O-rings are given for free.

So the package includes: 1 x R12H fuel-water separator complete combination (with filter element installed), 2 x connection accessories, 2 x plugs, 2 x filter elements (gift), 2 x O-rings (gift).

R12H VS R12T Save money with R12H!

  • First time purchase:
  1. Purchase 1set R12H assembly and get 2pcs R12H filter elements & rubber rings for free, you only need to pay $34.99.
  2. To purchase 1set R12T assembly and 2pcs R12T filter elements, you need to spend $46.19.

  • Replace filter element:
  1. Price of 2pcs R12H filter elements: $10.
  2. Price of 1pc R12T filter element: $12.73.

Environmental protection and conservation

This product is an upgraded version of R12T.

Replacing the filter element of R12T requires replacing the shell at the same time, while the filter shell of R12H is integrated and only the internal filter element needs to be replaced. The price of the R12H filter element is much lower than that of the R12T filter element, so it is an environmentally friendly and cost-saving option.

Please note: It takes a certain amount of effort to push out the old filter element.

Material upgrade

Anti-corrosion: For ships going to the sea, iron products are easily damaged by the influence of sea water and sea wind. The upgraded R12H adopts aluminum alloy material and plastic spraying process as a whole, and the shell is anti-corrosion and durable.

No leakage: Due to the new design, the R12H casing is very firm and compact, which makes the R12H avoid the problem of oil leakage from the general filter.


High-quality filter element with excellent performance, with an efficiency of over 90% for removing particles as small as 10 microns. A 10 micron filter is recommended to protect sensitive inboard, stern drive, and outboard fuel injection systems. Designed to capture the smallest particles and emulsified water in diesel.

Installation instruction

1. Before installation, please remove the nylon collecting bowl and filter base to lubricate the O-ring of the filter.

2. There are two inputs and two outputs. We provide two plugs for the extra two ports. If you need to use two plugs, you must install them to the filter and tighten them.

3. Before installing the filter, you must remove those plugs, stick them with Teflon tape, and then reinstall.

4. All of the above steps are very easy to operate, you'd better use the tool to install tighten.

5. The filtered water can be discharged through the black valve under the nylon oil cup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hanna Larkin

I am very impressed with the quality of this filter - it has a solid alloy top section and sturdy plastic for the transparent water trap. It all seems to be well made. The photo shows 2 filters but you actually get 3 because one is already installed in the housing. And it even included a roll of teflon thread tape for installing the pipe fittings!

Imani Walter

Fast delivery, the packaging is super, the product is great. I took it specially with spare filters because the packaging is excellent. I recommend it.

Pablo Ullrich

Everything is perfect. Excellent Product-I recommend.

Marty Friesen

Positive surprised over product.

Hattie Batz

Package, arrived quickly, tracked! So like, it's okay, but be careful, look at the size of the filter! Filter, not very large size! Thought it would be bigger size! Rather, not for trucks!

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