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iFJF R25T Water Separator Assembly Replaces WK940/38X 20386081 33771 for 245R Series Diesel Engine 10 Micron with 2 Fittings

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  • Attention:Please tighten the filter by yourself when installing it.Please fill the filter with fuel before installation.
  • Fitment:R25T Fuel Filter/Water Separator Assembly for 245R Series Diesel Engine.Fits WK940/38X,R25T,20386081,33771,FS19778.
  • Filter rating:The element repel water and solid particles from fuel at 98% efficiency of their 10 micron rating.
  • Bowl:The assembly design is simple to service and features a reusable clear plastic collection bowl with a self-venting drain for draining out collected particles and water.
  • Housing:All housing are coated with a durable electrostatically applied powder coating for superior corrosion resistance.